Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Early morning white
Upon the world at large
Dewdrops frozen crystalline
The first day of winter’s onslaught

Cobwebs strewn across open windows
Blowing gently in the cool breeze
Icy intricacies of spider’s webs
A wiry white trapeze

Chest full of frozen air
Invigorating and free
I feel my senses come alive
And take…

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In the depths of winter
Snowflakes fall pitter-pat
Upon my upturned face
Swirling angel acrobats

The heaven formed macramé melts
Fall onto my fluttering eyelashes
Ice cold tears of dead snowflakes
Snowmen eyes turned to ashes

Some lament summers end
When longer nights draw in
And the sunshine wanes like a frightened…

Photo by British Library on Unsplash

The scent of fresh flowers
Upon the summer breeze
Carry me back to my childhood home
Turning back the years

My mother tending her prized blooms
Through spring, summer, and fall
Keeping a loving home
Spreading joy to all

The smell of furnisher polish
The shine on our coffee table
Reflecting the…

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels. (Free Download).

The bedside light offers warm sleepless light
My phone shines blue upon my face
My fingers type fast pitter-pat
Dissipating my dreams

I glance around my bedroom, safe and warm
As the rain beats down outside
And the storm of my nightmare still reverberates
Painfully inside my head

Instagram and…

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Towel upon the sand
Sunshine from above
Shading my blue eyes with hands
Salty from the surf

Sand between my toes
Shorts and Tee-shirt dressed
Irish skin freckled deeply
Summer’s breath undone

Playing ball and making castles
Digging moats for the sea to rush in
Running across the rippling dunes
And on towards…

Paul Douglas

I have always loved to write, especially poems and short stories. I also have an abiding love for technology and gaming. I love to share my outlook with others.

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