Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

The painting hanging on the wall
With its multicolored hues
Brings forth an evocation of the time
That I had spent loving you

The warm tones speak to the love
The laughter and the joy
The wonder of the life we created
Our beautiful baby boy

The yellows speak of…

Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

That spring morning we fell in love
The green sparkle in your eyes
Drew me in so quickly
It caught me by surprise

Your skin so soft and yielding
Your lips so red and searching
And when we walked through the park
Your hand in my hand so loving


Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

Sweet syllables of love
Slip easily from my pen
And Loves twin, heartbreak
I write of, now and then

I love to write of rainbows
Moonbeams and sunshine
When I put pen to paper
My inspiration’s so inclined

Children’s laughter, youthful dreams
Happy memories from my past
Embracing my beautiful wife
Whose love…

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Cold wind blowing fright
Reddening my cheeks
My trembling hands aching
Tucked into deep pockets

Breath billowing into the twilight air
Stomping feet on rain-soaked ground
Exhilaration spreading through
Expanded chest on fire

My favourite time of year has come
When the spirit world is closest
But a slither of light separates…

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

The school window is inviting
Drawing my tired eyes
As I peer through the smeared glass
Whilst trying to stifle my tired sighs

The classroom full and boring
As the teacher drones on and on
About subjects that hold no interest
From class, I feel withdrawn

I wipe my woollen…

Photo by Marie-Michèle Bouchard on Unsplash

If we pass on the street
I will tip my hat to you
Pass swift, quiet greetings
Then be on my way

Almost as strangers
With so little in common
So little interaction
Lost in worlds of our own

As but another face in the crowd
A neighbour from childhood

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Writing stories and poems
From but a babe in arms
Enjoying every moment
And doing it for myself

My parents loved them
And my teachers did too
But most of all I loved the lives
They allowed me to escape to

Sweet poems about my puppy
The adventures I had too

Photo by MARK HESSLING on Unsplash

I grew up amongst good friends
In a council house in our small town
My childhood idyllic, at least in my memory
No money to spare but good times had

The summers were warm, the laughter, contagious
My friends were happy, and forever around
We were so close, we were almost family

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Paul Douglas

I have always loved to write, especially poems and short stories. I also have an abiding love for technology and gaming. I love to share my outlook with others.

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